BIG BAD WOLF is a french video game developer specialized into Narrative Role Playing Games.


BIG BAD WOLF is a french game developer studio based in BORDEAUX, France.

We are veterans of the video game industry . Our aim is to create a new set-up, specialized in Narrative Adventure & Role Playing Games


Each member of the team buys into our ethos, our corporate vision, thus creating a responsible and qualified structure where all the actors within the company feel motivated, involved and proud to contribute to the production of quality projects.


The corporate philosophy that we uphold is built upon 5 pillars:



  • Above all, be passionate about the desire to create quality narrative video games.
  • BIG BAD WOLF employees live their passion, spread their vision and assimilate that of others. It is not possible to have a quality studio without stakeholders who feel involved and who feed off this common desire to continually improve. All within a positive and motivating environment.
  • BIG BAD WOLF is a motivated, human-sized team that thrives on giving the best of itself in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.



  • Build a unified team, based on trust and respect for each other. Everyone is involved in building the ethos of the group.
  • Be attentive to project management, understand its choices and push in this direction by embracing its desires.
  • Be proactive in order to best engage in the realization of an idea, in the spirit of the project.
  • Be open to changes and adaptations that may occur during development.
  • Be able to help others and to ask others for help.


  • We aspire towards a mature structure where everyone is able to accept full responsibility for his/her task, to imagine and to carry it out in a pragmatic way, always trying to produce the best within the allotted time.
  • Be proactive in requesting information or data necessary for the proper performance of one's task.
  • Be able to organize one's own work or the work of others that may stem from it.



  • Our desire is to always work with gifted and informed co-workers who are motivated to contribute to a shared effort.
  • Be aware of, and rigorous in the respect of, deadlines.
  • Be able to question oneself.
  • Always try to raise the bar. Be proactive.


  • Be globally positive.
  • In case of difficulties, know how to remain open and energetic vis-à-vis oneself and others.
  • Address issues without desire to harm, in order to always raise the bar.
  • Trust others.
  • Know how to both make constructive criticism and accept criticism.